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5 Life Lessons learnt in 2011

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn this year was on Journey and it was: “You don’t always have to be in control of a situation. I always somehow felt that I needed to be part of the decision making in the group for example when choosing a certain direction to walk or being in front with the map and looking for the next set of landmarks that we need to take. I felt responsible for trying to lead the group on the right path to get to the next camp. I became known as the walking GPS. At about day 16 I decided to resign from to the duty I created for myself and left it in someone else’s hands. It felt great not having to make decisions and to just go with the flow.

Knowing the unknown all the time, I think, would be boring because where would the fun be in? This I came to realize only after the Journey. We had the most fun not knowing what was going to happen during the day but just to embrace all that might happen. I would do the Journey again but with a whole new route because that is what made it exciting and memorable. The adventure lies in the unpredictable.

During the Journey you also learn to appreciate things you usually take for granted in life. Having a light to see in the dark, sleeping on a mattress, having shoes to walk in and sleeping in a sturdy house. It’s these things that make you realize that not everyone has them when you experience it yourself.

I have also learnt that people who have everything can also suffer. During the month I was in Germany I realised that most of these rich children that go to Schloss Neubeuern are just dropped off there so that their parents can go on with their own lives. The children care for each other like brothers and sisters. I have learnt to appreciate my loving parents and family.

My last lesson I learnt was that procrastination is just not good. It only causes more problems like studying for exams. Revising and learning your work for an upcoming exam is much less stressful than the day before. Right away, all the way, with the right attitude!

I have learnt some new lessons and have been reminded again of old ones which makes me see that you never really arrive.


The News

Paper used for reading material. It’s used to grab people’s attention on what’s going on in the world.  The problem is what the ink on the thin pieces paper show and tel.

Looking at this week’s headlines and the other news I wondered, “Why is there always so much negativity? Does this world only run on news that grabs your attention because it’s some horrific thing on the front page? Wouldn’t it change the world for the better if some good news could be added to the headlines?”  This is what constantly drifted in my head when looking back at the news of these past few days. Some of the sporting news was better. But there is nothing that could actually bring a smile.

A good example of something that was very horrific was the incident where a shark got hold of a man. Yes, he was warned not to go into the sea but why publish those pictures for everyone to see? Imagine this: lying on the sand after being dragged out of the sea and missing half his leg with its end part ripped to shreds with blood still spewing out of the knob where the leg should be. There are young minds everywhere that are affected by images like this. The same could be said for the other types of news. Be more mindful of what is published.

With today’s technology you can be linked 24/7 with news. It’s always nice to be informed of what going on in the world but in my opinion I feel it just needs a little bit more of good news. Even if there is nothing big, even a small thing of goodness could change the whole concept and vibe of a newspaper.

The media is very powerful and can be a wonderful tool to bring people together and to lift the moral of the citizens of our country.