Nature Has Humour!

The term flew past so fast. I can’t believe it was already half term. Looking back to this small holiday I can say I really relaxed and got lazy.

My parents took us to Mabula Lodge near Bela Bela and like I said, I really just did nothing. We just stayed there lazed around and swam in this little swimming pool. In the night we braaied and watched the rugby. But the thing that put some action into our bodies were the animals living near our home.

Lying on some of the sunbaked rocks were legewans and where you would sit they would move closer and closer to you. These monitor lizards are known to use their tails for defense by swinging and thrashing them at their attacker. My brother through a rock at one to chase it a away but instead of scurrying away it chased the rock. We got to the conclusion that people were feeding them and that is why they got so close to us. It was truly a site to see a half a meter long legewan two meters away from you.

One afternoon lying on my bed and almost falling asleep I heard a sudden thud near my room’s one window. Chilling on the railing was a vervet monkey. I suddenly realized why he came for a visit. The kitchen window was open. Running up the stairs to catch the little robber I only saw a pack of bananas disappear and a tail going out of the window. Mocking me he sat right below the living room window which was on the second floor, stuffing his face with the bananas. For some reason he ran off and we managed to save two bananas.

The last evening at Mabula, this mighty Franklin walked past my dad while he was braaiing a chicken, went up the stairs to our car and saw his reflection on the chrome bull bar. Feeling attracted to this other new, beautiful Franklin he started pecking the bull bar. My mom thought there was someone at the door and got quite annoyed not knowing what was making the sound. It was quite funny seeing the Franklin pecking at his own reflection and not getting any reaction back.

Doing nothing can be very entertaining and interesting when you go to nature in the bushveld.


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