Escape to Nature

The moment had arrived. The moment of  having a braai in the bush again. Sitting around a fire enjoying jokes, stories and the tranquility of nature.

Not knowing what we are going to do there my friend,his family and I went to this quiet and peaceful little farm. Arriving late the Friday night we started unpacking and building a fire. That night we stayed up until 1 o’clock watching the fire burning and listening to jackals howling to the full moon and the other sounds of the night.

The morning we decided to set of with the bikes to explore the farm. We saw eland, rooihartebees and two ostriches. After extreme crunching through thick sand on the mountain bikes we returned to get some brunch for our stomachs. The brunch his parents prepared for us, was truly a delicious meal with eggs, bacon and all the other ingredients to make a proper bushveld brunch. We went for a swim and set of with ketties hoping to get pot shot on an unsuspecting bird. We got nothing. We later got so bored that we used a cactus as target practice. Then the brightest idea came to our minds. We  are going to fish. The rest of the afternoon we sat around a little dam hoping to catch something. This is the where nature plays with you because you can’t see anything going on in the murky water of the dam and what is biting at your hook. We managed to catch everything except a fish in the dam including a  huge, slimy, yellowish frog and my friend a terrapin. A terrapin is fresh water turtle which looks a lot like a snapping turtle.

The rest of the night we did the usual routine of sitting around the fire and talking about the day’s events and jokes. We also managed to melt a glass bottle in the fire which is an indication of how extremely hot the fire was that night. It was just a perfect weekend. The Sunday we had  breakfast and a last swim and then set off back to the city of Pretoria.

I think once in while everyone needs to go for such a weekend in the bush. Nature teaches us patience – I experienced this first hand, and it brings the whole family together to have fun. It makes you calm, causes you to think of how fortunate you are for being alive and breathing and how short and precious life is.

For those who read this, try it and you will find out about what I mean.


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