Inspired to Know!

I set my foot on this world knowing nothing. Only to eat and sleep. This was in my very early stages of my life and I have grown up to the age of sixteen.

I am growing up in an environment where everything is changing as is my perspective of life. I’m learning to see how everything in life is so unique in every way and how precious it is. How everything works is and how it is being  used. That was only a little bit of info on how I see life and how I experience it. My name is Hanno Muire and I’m inspired to know.

I grew up between city life and life on a farm. I love shooting, riding bike and just looking into a distant sunset. But the thing I love the most and cherish  because I can’t do it very often anymore is a braai in the bushveld of South Africa. Sitting around a fire, warm, smelling of smoke and enjoying socializing with friends. That is just the best.

Now that little haven of mine has disappeared and only the city life is left. The city life has it advantages though. I have been able to see the world in a different view  by my life being in the city and my education. This is where I learnt to appreciate everything and that the world is much bigger than I thought.

I’m a guy that is curious and wants to learn. My goal in life is to preserve my world and all its wonders for future generations. I’m  just at  the edge of what I think  the world is and what it can hold for me.

Life in short terms is, well short. Don’t waste it.


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